First, don't be alarmed, this is not an error

When Shrimpy attempts to make trades on an exchange, one of the things it needs to verify is that you are able to meet the minimum requirements to perform a trade on the exchange you have linked. 

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, we cannot make the trade. This doesn't break the rebalance, it will simply try the next trade. After trying every trade, if there were no trades which met the minimum requirement, we present this message to our users: "Not enough deviation from allocations."

The most common case for not being able to meet the minimum requirements is that the percent holdings of a single asset has not drifted far enough to meet the minimum requirement for limit orders. Limit orders generally require a .001 BTC minimum on most exchanges. At the time of writing, this means a trade needs to be more than $7 in value. Without meeting this requirement, the exchange will tell us the trade is too small to perform. 

If you see this message, there are some ways you can prevent this from happening continuously in the future. The two ways that will work on any exchange are depositing more funds and reducing the number of assets in your portfolio. Both of these methods will increase the frequency of how often trades meet the minimum trade requirements for limit orders.

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