Definition: Flat dollar fees are a monthly subscription cost applied to traders that follow a leader's portfolio.

In Shrimpy, a flat dollar fee can range from $1 to $1,000 per month. These fees are prorated to the amount of time that a trader follows a leader. The charges are also applied for each portfolio that a trader uses to follow the leader. That means if a trader follows a leader with a $5 per month fee with 2 different portfolios, they will be charged $5 per portfolio. Essentially, the cost would be $10 per month for following both portfolios.

However, if a trader only follows the premium leader for a portion of the month, they will not be charged the full subscription cost. They will be charged a prorated amount. For example, if the trader followed the leader for 15 days in a 30 day month, they would only be charged $5 x ( 15 / 30) per portfolio that follows the leader. That amounts to $2.50.

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