Setting Up An Automation

  • A positive and negative number for stop-losses are treated differently. Use a negative number for stop loss, and use a positive number for taking profit.
  • Stop-loss / take profit is always looking at the entire duration of the time period selected. If you select 24 hours, Shrimpy looks at the last 24 hours immediately upon saving the automation. If your stop-loss or take-profit threshold is triggered, Shrimpy will execute the trades immediately.

Using Social Features

  • Unfollow and refollow to force a rebalance after a deposit.
  • Do not set a stop-follow value that is above your portfolio value. This will cause Shrimpy to immediately trigger a stop-follow when you save. The value in this field must be lower than your current portfolio value.
  • You’re not able to change or duplicate your Leader name - choose wisely!
  • The social page shows aggregate performance on the leader card (all leader portfolios aggregated into a single performance), individual portfolio performance is shown on the leader profile.
  • The time period shown on a leader's card graph is 7 days.
  • The color of the line on the leader card graph is affected by deposits and withdrawals.
  • Leaders who trade outside of Shrimpy on a linked exchange account still have those trades sent to followers.
  • Each Shrimpy account is worth $4 per month split between all leaders followed based on the amount of time followed within a 30 day period, multiplying the number of followers by $4 will not always give an accurate estimate for the free leader payment.


  • Backtesting asset selection is based on the exchange you have selected in your exchange account dropdown.
  • You can’t backtest an asset before it was listed on an exchange.
  • Backtesting an Index does not take market cap rank changes into account.
  • Backtesting does not take stop loss settings into account.


  • Dashboard (graph, performance) is updated on a 15-minute interval or after a trade is made. Deposits can take up to 15 minutes to show on your Dashboard.
  • Asset price / stop-loss threshold is updated and checked on a 1-minute interval.
  • Balance transfer not showing? Try refreshing!
  • Deposit not showing? Make sure it’s in your spot trading wallet/account!
  • The portfolio performance percentage on the dashboard uses a TWROR (Time Weighted Rate of Return) calculation to remove deposits and withdrawals, showing just raw performance (the value gained by holding an asset).
  • Total change shows total value change, including deposits and withdrawals.
  • Total change and Performance Percentage are not related, they are displaying different information using different formulas. It is possible for them to display conflicting results, this is usually not an error but the result of deposits/withdrawals, including referral and staking rewards.
  • “Since yesterday” means the previous 24 hours starting from right now, the “start and end times” are in constant motion. This is true for all time frames.
  • Want to protect an asset from trading? Put it in a portfolio with no automation!
  • To take profit, create a new portfolio with an automation containing 100% of your chosen take profit asset and set it as your Default Portfolio, then use a balance transfer to move funds into that portfolio. Withdrawals made on the exchange will be routed to the new portfolio.

General Shrimpy Tips

  • Shrimpy doesn’t hold your crypto, withdrawals must be made on the exchange.
  • Can’t add an asset into your automation that’s listed on the exchange? Contact Support!
  • When upgrading your subscription, you do not lose the time you’ve already paid for.
  • When upgrading your subscription, you will not be billed for the new subscription until the time you’ve already paid for is used.
  • Deleting your API keys is a factory reset, you will lose all performance, history, cold storage, portfolios, automations, and if leading you will lose all followers.
  • Updating API keys is not a factory reset, you retain everything.
  • Shrimpy employees are not financial advisors. We cannot give you advice regarding your strategy or asset selection, nor can we make recommendations on which Leader to follow.


  • History not updating? Try refreshing!


  • Changing the currency your Dashboard is displayed in changes the performance and value change displayed, as well as changes the Social page in the same way.


  • You are able to both trade manually and via automation on the same exchange account, simply isolate funds traded outside of Shrimpy in a portfolio with no automation that is also set as your default. All external trading will be routed to this portfolio.
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