Shrimpy has a platform fee of 30%. That means 30% of the fees collected by leaders are paid to Shrimpy. These fees are used to maintain Shrimpy, expand the platform, attract more followers to the social program, and continue growing the community.

The remaining 70% will be available for the leader to withdraw from the platform.

Example: If a leader earned $100 in total from followers. Shrimpy would receive $30 and the leader would receive $70.

Leaders can withdraw earnings by navigating to the "Payment" tab inside the Shrimpy "Settings". Once a PayPal account has been linked, leaders can request a payout.

Following fees are calculated on a monthly basis for each follower based on the day they began their Shrimpy subscription. That means if a follower started a Shrimpy subscription on the 15th of a month, they will also pay following fees on the 15th of each month (if they have incurred any following fees).

Each month, any following fees that were received from followers will show up in the "Pending Earnings" section of the "Payment" tab. On the first of each month, those pending earnings will become available for withdrawal by the leader.

If you have any additional questions about Shrimpy, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or use the internal Shrimpy support system to ask questions.

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