Both free and premium leaders can earn money. Free leaders earn $4 per follower per month. Premium leaders earn money based on the fee structure they have set up in Shrimpy (Performance and / or AUM fees).

Both free and premium leaders are paid on the first of each month. The funds will become available through Shrimpy where each leader can select to withdraw the funds to their PayPal account.

These funds are visible on the "Settings" tab under "Payment". There is a section for "Your commissions". This will display how much you are owed each month. Throughout the month you will accrue "Pending earnings". On the first of each month, those "Pending earnings" will get committed to the "Earnings" section where they can be withdrawn.

Any funds that are not withdrawn roll over each month. So, if you earned $25 one month and then $105 the next month, you would have $130 available for withdrawal if you didn't have time to withdraw the funds after the first month.

Note: It can take a moment to calculate and load the earnings, so if you don't see them load immediately, it could take a few seconds.

If you have any additional questions about premium leader fees, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or use the internal Shrimpy support system to ask questions.

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