Leaders that are currently free leaders can switch to becoming a premium leader by going to their leader profile then selecting “Edit Profile” (the button under “Stop being a leader”).

On the popup that displays after selecting this button, enter the amount you would like to charge your followers in terms of AUM and/or Performance.

Once you select to save these settings, you will immediately become a premium leader. Any person that starts following you after this point will be charged based on your premium fees.

Any person that was following you before switching over to being a premium leader will not be charged until they accept the changes. Shrimpy will send an email to all existing followers asking them to log into their Shrimpy account to either accept or decline the changes.

Each follower has 7 days to accept or decline these changes. Any person that declines the changes will stop following the leader. Anyone who accepts the changes will begin paying the leader based on the new fee structure. Anyone who fails to respond within 7 days will stop following the leader.

Followers will not be charged anything unless they accept the changes.

Notice that you can only change your following fees once every 12 hours. Since it is a lot of work to convert followers to a new fee plan, we highly recommend that this action is only taken on rare occasions.

If you have any additional questions about Shrimpy, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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