There are a few reasons why Shrimpy might be failing to trade on your Bittrex or Bittrex Global account. The following are the most common reasons.

  1. Bittrex requires additional KYC information on your account. In order to resolve this issue, log in to your Bittrex account and answer the pending questions. Once those questions are answered, Shrimpy will be able to trade again.
  2. The Bittrex exchange account is associated with a restricted region, such as New York. In this case, unfortunately, you can no longer trade on Bittrex. Bittrex does not support every region around the world, so you will need to migrate to a new exchange to continue trading cryptocurrency.
  3. When linking keys to Shrimpy, it's possible the incorrect exchange selection was made. If you have an account on Bittrex, you must select "Bittrex" when linking keys to Shrimpy. If you have an account on "Bittrex Global", you will similarly need to select "Bittrex Global" in the dropdown. If these were selected incorrectly, please delete your API keys and relink them to Shrimpy with the correct selection.
  4. Minimum trade limits were not met. On Bittrex, like most other exchanges, there are minimum trade limits. That means if Shrimpy is trying to trade less than the minimum trade amount, Bittrex will reject the trade request. If every trade during a rebalance is less than the minimum trade amount, then no trades will be made during a rebalance. Learn more about minimum trade limits here.

If these reasons don't help resolve your issues with trading on Bittrex, please don't hesitate to send us a message in the "Support Chat" in Shrimpy.

Happy Trading!

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