Shrimpy is continuously working on ways to become more social. That means not only improving the social experience inside the Shrimpy application, but also finding ways to connect other social networks to Shrimpy in new ways.

We know that leaders use other social platforms to engage followers, discuss with their community, and keep everyone updated. For that reason, we now offer a few different options for directing your Shrimpy followers to these external social platforms.

Leaders can now share links to their Telegram, Discord, and Twitter through their social leader profile.

A quick tutorial

Let's take a quick walkthrough on how to add our first social link. If you already have a social profile on Shrimpy, start by clicking on the "My Profile" button on the "Social" tab in Shrimpy. If you don't yet have a social profile, you will see a button that says "Become a Leader" on the Social tab. Select that button.

For those that already have a social profile, you will see the following page. In the upper right corner, there is a link for "Edit Profile". Click that link.

Whether you selected "Become a Leader" on the Social tab or clicked the "Edit Profile" button on your existing social profile, the following popup will show up for you at this point.

If you haven't already, go through and fill in the name you want for your leader profile and include a description of your group. Once you've completed that process, you can scroll down towards the bottom where it says "Social Links". In these input fields, you can populate your links for Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Once you have input your links, select "Save".

You will now see your social links show up in your leader profile right under the heading "Social Links".

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