The Shrimpy website has a variety of protections in place to prevent our websites from falling victim to DDOS attacks. Some users may run into these restrictions after heavy use of the Shrimpy website. However, we would not expect this to be a common occurrence.

As an example, you might have run into this message:

This message is presented when someone is sending an excessive number of requests to the Shrimpy servers.

Notice that the "ban" is only temporary. After a few minutes, you will once again be allowed to visit Shrimpy.

How can you prevent getting rate limited?

The first step to prevent your IP from becoming rate limited is to not send too many requests to the Shrimpy servers at the same time. For example, if you try reloading the Shrimpy website 50 times in a minute, you will get rate limited. Another example would be if you have Shrimpy open on multiple different browser tabs at the same time, there is a chance you could get rate limited.

What happens if I get rate limited?

Nothing too dreadful. You will be blocked from accessing Shrimpy for a few minutes, but once you have been unblocked, you can start using Shrimpy again as usual. That means there won't be any lasting effects from getting rate limited. However, we would recommend reducing the frequency of your requests to Shrimpy to prevent continual rate limiting.

What if I don't think I should have been rate limited?

If you were just using Shrimpy as usual and suddenly become blocked, we would be happy to discuss with you to see what we can do to adjust the rate limits. Don't hesitate to ever reach out to [email protected] with information about how you got rate limited.

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