Tipping addresses provide a way for leaders to receive tips from their followers when they do an exceptional job. With the initial release of the tipping feature, we support addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum.


As we continue to explore more ways for leaders to accept tips, we will modify how this feature functions and the availability of assets.

Get tips for doing a stellar job managing your community. Add tip addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A quick tutorial

Let's take a quick walkthrough on how to add our first tip address. If you already have a social profile on Shrimpy, start by clicking on the "My Profile" button on the "Social" tab in Shrimpy. If you don't yet have a social profile, you will see a button that says "Become a Leader" on the Social tab. Select that button.

For those that already have a social profile, you will see the following page. In the upper right corner, there is a link for "Edit Profile". Click that link.

Whether you selected "Become a Leader" on the Social tab or clicked the "Edit Profile" button on your existing social profile, the following popup will show up for you at this point.

If you haven't already, go through and fill in the name you want for your leader profile and include a description of your group. Once you've completed that process, you can scroll down towards the bottom where it says "Tip Jar". In these input fields, you can populate your tip addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Please double and triple-check that you have input the correct addresses into the correct fields. We do not validate these addresses, so it is up to you to ensure they are correct.

Once you have input your addresses, select "Save".

You will now see your tip addresses show up in your leader profile right under the heading "Tip Leader".

Notice: The address may be cut off with ellipses. That's ok, you can still copy the entire address by double-clicking or highlighting the text, selecting to copy, and pasting the link.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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