The engagement score is used to measure a leader's level of involvement in the community. Higher engagement scores mean the leader is more involved in the community, spends more time on Shrimpy, and consistently communicates with their followers.

Engagement Score Calculation

The engagement score is calculated by combining a number of different metrics.

  • 1 point for adding a professional headshot as a profile picture
  • 1 point for adding social links
  • 1 point for adding tip addresses
  • 1 point for a description over 100 characters

Leaders are also awarded points for discussing strategies in their group chat, working with followers, and visiting Shrimpy on a regular basis.

We won’t reveal the full algorithm at this time, but it will be adjusted as we see fit.

Leaders with high engagement scores will receive special privileges in future updates. That means you should take the time to populate your profile so you can access all of the benefits we have planned!

Note: The engagement score is recalculated on an hourly basis, so you will not see your score change in real-time if you make updates to your profile.

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