Shrimpy supports an easy way to change your email at any time. To start the process, begin by navigating to the "Settings" tab and locating the section marked as "General Settings". Under this heading, you will find the input box for "Email".

That will look something like this:

Change your email by typing in the new email address that you would like to use for your Shrimpy login. Once you have done that, select "Save Changes".

At this time, Shrimpy will ask you to confirm that you want to change your email. Select "Yes".

Once you have confirmed that you want to change your email, Shrimpy will send an email to your current email address for confirmation. In the email we send, you will need to click the provided link to verify the change.

Once the change has been verified through email, you are all set! Your new email has now been enabled with Shrimpy.

Note: Once the email has been changed, you will now use the new email address to log into Shrimpy. Be careful to double-check the spelling of your new email before selecting "Save".

If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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