Shrimpy provides an easy way to reset the 2FA on your account. A 2FA reset will completely remove the old 2FA QR Code from your account and generate a new one.

To reset your 2FA, start off by navigating to the "Settings" page. Under the "Security" section, you will find a checkbox for "Enable Multi-Factor Authentication". This was both the spot that you enabled 2FA as well as the spot where we will now reset 2FA.

Reset your 2FA, by selecting the checkbox next to "Enable Multi-Factor Authentication". This will present a popup like the one displayed below.

Select the option to "Continue". Once you have done this, Shrimpy will log you out of your account and you will need to log back into your account to complete the reset.

Once you have logged back into your account, Shrimpy will complete the reset process and allow you to once again re-enable 2FA.

When 2FA is re-enabled, Shrimpy will present a new QR code that you can use to set up a fresh 2FA connection with your device.

Note: We recommend using the Google Authenticator application for this process. Other applications might work, but we can't guarantee that every other 2FA app can work correctly.

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