Congratulations! You have probably just linked your OKEx account to Shrimpy. At this point, you might notice that only some of your funds (or none) are showing up in Shrimpy.

The most common reason for this happening is because we haven't yet transferred our funds from our "Funding" OKEx account to our "Trading" OKEx account.

We can transfer our funds in 3 easy steps.

1. Log into OKEx and locate your "My Wallet"

You can find the assets that you can transfer by navigating to “Account", then "Funding Account”. Besides being able to deposit and withdraw funds from this page, you can also select to "Transfer" funds to your "Trading" account.

2. Select the asset you would like to "Transfer"

Under “Funding Account”, select “transfer” of the token you wish to trade with Shrimpy. Then choose the trading account and the amount to complete the transfer.

Select to "Transfer" your funds.

3. Verify the transfer was successful

Once you have selected to transfer your funds, you can see the history of your actions by going to "History". On this page, we will see all of our deposits, withdrawals, and transfers that were made for our account.

This process should be repeated for every asset you would like to trade with Shrimpy.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes to show the transferred funds.

Have questions? We've got answers. Email us at [email protected].

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