When setting up and using 2FA with Shrimpy, there are a few reasons why your 2FA setup might fail.

Using Google Authenticator

There are a number of different mobile applications that provide 2FA style functionality for websites. We strongly recommend using the official Google Authenticator application.

If you are experiencing issues with setting up your 2FA, please check to make sure you are using the Google Authenticator application to set up your 2FA.

Dark Mode / Night Mode

When setting up 2FA, please disable any extensions that might alter the colors on your screen. The most common extensions that people use which cause problems are those that implement a "Dark / Night mode" for your browser.

These dark mode extensions will alter the colors around the 2FA QR code. As a result, the QR code will become unreadable or even incorrectly read.

To resolve this issue, please disable any dark / night mode extensions during the 2FA process. After you have successfully set up your 2FA, you can once again enable your dark mode extension.

Email [email protected] if you ever have issues with setting up your 2FA!

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