TL;DR - Yes, social leaders can use the trading tab. Followers will simply copy the trades you make.

How to use the trading tab as a social leader

Like other customers, leaders are always welcome to use the trading tab to manage their social portfolios. We believe this is a great option for leaders who are looking for finer control over the way their portfolio trades.

Notice that the same rules apply for social leaders and normal Shrimpy customers when it comes to using the trading tab. First off, any portfolio that is currently being automated by an automation strategy cannot be used on the trading tab. If you would like to use the trading tab with a portfolio that is currently being automated, you must first stop the automation for that portfolio.

Performing trades through the Shrimpy trading tab is similar to trading on an exchange. You can place different order types, leave open orders on the exchange, or execute smart market orders. All of these options are available for leaders. More options will be added as we expand the capabilities of the trading tab.

How manually trading affects social followers of your portfolio

When a social leader executes a trade for their portfolio, that trade will instantly be propagated to all of their followers. This includes trades that are executed through the Shrimpy trading tab.

At the time of writing, Shrimpy does not copy open orders from a leader to a follower. That means followers will only trade once the leader has completely executed a trade on the exchange.

This behavior exists for both limit orders and market orders. Once trades have been filled, the followers will begin making the same trades as the leader.

Do you have more questions about the Shrimpy social program? Contact us at [email protected].

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