The trading tab provides a way for Shrimpy customers to execute trades on individual portfolios. Configuring trades on the trading tab is an easy way to implement a custom strategy when the automation capabilities of Shrimpy don't meet your needs.

However, you might notice that there are times that you receive a message that looks like the following image:

The message you see in this screenshot says "You cannot trade on this portfolio, it has an active automation."

In the top left of the trading tab, you will see a drop-down that is populated with the portfolio that you are currently using for trading. If you have multiple portfolios, you can toggle between the different portfolios and trade on each individual portfolio.

When the portfolio you have selected in the top-left drop-down is already being automated by Shrimpy, we don't allow you to also manually trade on that portfolio. We have put this restriction in place to prevent unwanted interactions between your automation and manual trading strategies.

One example of an unwanted interaction would be if you have a threshold rebalancing strategy enabled for a portfolio. Trading on this portfolio could cause Shrimpy to immediately execute a threshold rebalance and simply undo your last trade.

Our team wants to ensure you always have a pleasant experience using Shrimpy, so at this time, we have put this restriction in place to protect your portfolio from small mistakes like the one described.

If you decide at any time that you want to trade on a portfolio that currently has an active automation, all you need to do is go to the "Automation" tab in Shrimpy and select "Stop Automation". By selecting "Stop Automation" for the strategy that is currently automating your portfolio, Shrimpy will once again allow you to manually trade for that portfolio.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about the trading features to [email protected].

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