When a leader stops being a leader in the social leader program, there are a few events that take place.  

It should be noted from the start that each of these events will take place regardless of how long the leader stops being a leader. Even if the leader stops leading for 5 minutes, Shrimpy will still perform these actions. 

First and most importantly, the leader will lose all of their followers. As soon as the leader stops being a leader, all of the followers for that leader will be lost. The connection between the leader and the followers is permanently severed. That means even if the leader starts being a leader again in the future, the followers will not automatically follow the leader again unless the follower manually goes back to the leaders page and selects to follow the leader again.

Secondly, all of the followers will be notified through email that their leader has stopped being a leader. This email will include additional instructions and information that is important for the follower to consider.

Please let us know if you have any questions about what happens when a leader stops leading! The best way to reach us is at [email protected].

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