Leaders have become an integral part of the Shrimpy application. They provide a robust community of traders that can be leveraged for new ideas, portfolio following, and discussing strategies.

To continue providing a healthy community, there are some rules and restrictions we have put into place for leaders. These rules are designed to maintain a high standard of quality for the leaders on Shrimpy.


Users that decide to follow a leader are relying on that leader to provide the highest level of care possible when managing their portfolio. It's a tall order, but our team wants to make sure leaders are striving to constantly improve and support their communities.

For this reason, we have begun enforcing a requirement that leaders must remain active on the Shrimpy platform to continue operating as a leader. If a leader has not logged into their Shrimpy account for 30 days, the leader will be removed from the social program and all followers will automatically stop following the leader. 

When this inactivity event is triggered, both leaders and followers will be notified that the leader is no longer active on the Shrimpy platform. 

API Keys

When being a social leader, Shrimpy requires a valid API connection to your exchange account at all times. That means if our access to your exchange account is revoked at any time, the permissions must be restored as quickly as possible.

There will be a short grace period to provide leaders an opportunity to restore their API connection, but it won’t be more than a few days. Once Shrimpy detects a leader that has invalid API keys, the leader will be contacted through email. 

If the API connection is not restored, the leader will be removed from the social trading tab and all followers will automatically stop following the leader. During the removal process, followers will be notified through email that their leader is no longer a leader in Shrimpy.

Premium Subscription

Similar to the requirements outlined in "API Keys", leaders must maintain their status as a premium subscriber in Shrimpy at all times. If the leader stops being a premium subscriber at any time, they will have a short grace period to renew their subscription.

During the grace period, we will notify the leader that they must renew their premium subscription to remain a social leader. If the leader does not restore their premium user status, the leader will be removed from the social trading tab and all followers will be notified. During the removal process, followers will be disconnected from the leader and they will no longer follow the future actions of the leader.

Premium subscriptions are required because Shrimpy currently only trades for premium customers. Without the ability to trade, followers will not receive the benefits of a robust portfolio strategy. 


Shrimpy automatically tracks every trade that is made through the Shrimpy platform. This tracking is necessary to ensure we are providing the highest quality of order execution, as well as ensure our leaders are taking care of their followers.

If Shrimpy detects malicious trading activity from a leader, we will ban the leader without refund. Shrimpy customers and community are the highest priority for us. We will remain diligent in monitoring the activity of all leaders on the platform.


When a leader is removed from the social tab, that means followers will no longer get the automated portfolio changes from the leader. In this case, the followers must either start following a new leader or start a custom automation strategy to begin automating their portfolio again.

Leaders should be aware that none of these restrictions will affect the way that their portfolio is managed by Shrimpy. These restrictions only apply to the social portfolio management features. 

For example, even if you are inactive for 6 months, Shrimpy will never stop rebalancing your portfolio. Like clockwork, we will constantly maintain your portfolio as you have requested. However, that doesn’t mean you can remain a leader, since you wouldn’t be abiding by our “Activity” restrictions.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these restrictions! We are always available at [email protected].

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