The default portfolio is a useful aspect of the multi-portfolio features. At its core, the default portfolio is a way to simplify how Shrimpy manages external transactions.

What are external transactions?

External transactions occur when a customer execute a trade, moves funds, makes a deposit, or withdraws funds from their exchange account outside of Shrimpy. That means these actions were not taken by Shrimpy. They were done directly on the exchange.

These actions are not bad, but they need to be managed effectively by Shrimpy so we have consistent behavior that provides a pleasant experience. 

The default portfolio helps mitigate potential problems with external transactions.

What is the default portfolio?

A default portfolio is the portfolio that tracks the changes made outside of Shrimpy. Whenever a change is detected, the default portfolio is the first portfolio that will be affected. 

Some situations that affect the default portfolio include:

  • Any deposits into your exchange account will first show up in your Default Portfolio.
  • Withdrawals will first be processed by removing funds from this portfolio.
  • Trades made on the exchange will move the traded asset into the Default Portfolio (if not already).

In a way, we can see this portfolio as the entry and exit portfolio for your assets. 

Note: If you don't make any external transactions, such as deposits / withdrawals or trades on the exchange, the default portfolio is essentially the same as any other portfolio. 

How do I change my default portfolio?

There are a few quick steps we should understand for selecting a new default portfolio. If you only have one portfolio, then that is your default portfolio. Everyone has a default portfolio automatically created by Shrimpy. However, once you start creating additional portfolios, you can change which portfolio is the default portfolio.

1. Go to "Manage Portfolios"

At the top of the dashboard, you will see a button that says "Manage Portfolios". Click this button.

2. Select the portfolio you want to be the "Default Portfolio"

A dialog will present you with the different portfolios you have for this exchange account. Select the portfolio you would like to make the "Default Portfolio".

After selecting the portfolio you want to make "Default" you will be presented with an expanded panel. This panel will show the assets you can transfer from that portfolio, but it will also have a gear icon in the top right. Click this gear "Settings" icon.

4. Click the check box to make the portfolio default.

After selecting the gear icon, you will see a screen that will include options for changing the name of the portfolio along with a check box to make this portfolio default.

Select the check box next to "This is my Default Portfolio". This will instantly make the portfolio you are viewing "Default".

That's it!

You now have a default portfolio on you Shrimpy account.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] We are ready to help any way we can!

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