Multi-portfolios allow Shrimpy users to segment their funds into multiple portfolios that can each be managed individually.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to follow leaders on the Shrimpy platform, this video would also be a great place to start.

If you want to follow social leaders, you can leverage the multi-portfolio features to follow multiple leaders at the same time. Each leader would be responsible for managing the automation of one of your portfolios. 

Before we can follow multiple leaders, we will first need to create multiple portfolios. 

Navigate to the "Dashboard" tab in Shrimpy. At the top of the page, you will see a button to "Manage Portfolios". Select this button.

After selecting this button, you will see the dialog for creating new portfolios and transferring funds into each portfolio. Select the button to "+ Create Portfolio".

After creating the number of portfolios you would like to maintain, select the portfolio you would like to transfer funds from

The next page will be used to select the portfolio you want to transfer the funds to as well as each asset you want to move. 

Following Multiple Leaders

Once the portfolios have been set up, we can now start following leaders for each of our portfolios. Go to the "Social" tab to browse the list of leaders that are available on Shrimpy.

Select a leader that you would like to start following.

If you scroll down on their leader page, you will see a section that displays their portfolio(s) as well as other stats. 

Notice that leaders can maintain multiple portfolios. In Shrimpy, we don't allow you to follow a leader, but only a portfolio. That means if you want to follow "Portfolio 1" on the leader, you must specifically select to follow that portfolio.

Once you decide what portfolio you want to follow, select the button for "Start Automation". This will open a dialog with each of the portfolios that you currently manage. 

Select the portfolio(s) you want this leader to automate.

Before you can begin automating any portfolios, you must agree that you understand this leader will automate the portfolio you have selected. That means you will trade when the leader trades. 

Also, as soon as you click "Start", Shrimpy will instantly rebalance your portfolio to match the person you are leading.

Repeat this process by finding additional leaders, selecting to "Start Automation", and picking the portfolio you want each leader to automate. 

Note: Leader's can have multiple portfolios, so please communicate with leaders to ensure you are following the correct portfolio. 

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