Transferring funds allows people to move funds from one portfolio to another portfolio. Funds that have been transferred can then be managed by the automation strategies that are defined for the other portfolio.

Before we get started, if you would like to watch a video instead of going through a written tutorial, check out our quick video here:

Step 1: Identify the "Manage Portfolios" Button

Transferring funds is done through the "Manage Portfolios" dialog. If you already have multiple portfolios, you can also select the "Transfer Funds" button next to the "Rebalance Now" button to transfer funds from the selected portfolio.

Step 2: Select the portfolio you want to transfer from

In the dialog you see after clicking "Manage Portfolios" you will have the chance to create a new portfolio or select an existing portfolio. Before you can transfer funds, you will need to have at least 2 portfolios. 

Once you have two portfolios, select the portfolio you would like to transfer funds from. 

Step 3: Select the portfolio you want to transfer to

Once you select the portfolio you want to select from, you will need to select the portfolio you want to transfer to using the drop-down. 

Step 4: Select the funds you want to transfer 

Now, you will select the funds you would like to transfer. There is a slider that you can use to quickly pick a rough amount or you can use the input box to specifically set an amount you would like to transfer. If you want to transfer the entire amount of an asset, you can select the highlighted text that says "Max: #.#####".

Step 5: Select "Move Funds"

After selecting the assets you want to transfer, click the "Move Funds" button. This will take the action to move your funds to the new portfolio. 

Please note that you cannot move funds during a rebalance or Dollar-cost averaging event. Since trades are being made, the amounts that can be transferred will be changing. In order to prevent failures, we prevent transfers during these trading events. 

Step 6: Portfolio now has funds

If you navigate to the portfolio you transferred funds into on the dashboard, you will now see the portfolio has the funds that were transferred. 

If you have any issues with transferring funds, please contact us at [email protected].

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