The word "turnover" is used in the Shrimpy application when you click to rebalance a portfolio. You can see an example in the screenshot below. 

In this instance, turnover refers to the amount of value that will be traded during the next rebalance. For example, in the above screenshot, we can see that $152.26 will be traded during the rebalance. This amounts to about 9.89% of my portfolio value.

This value is calculated by estimating the trades we will need to make during the rebalance. Each trade counts towards the turnover. For example, if we estimate that we will need to make 10 trades that are each $1,000 in value, our turnover would be $10,000. 

When making big changes to your portfolio, it's possible the turnover number is higher than you expect. In some cases, it can even be more than 100%. The reason this can happen is because multiple trades are required to reach your target allocations.

For example, if we need to trade XLM to BTC and then to USDT in order to rebalance your portfolio, that counts as 2 trades. Each of those trades count towards the turnover. Therefore, if your portfolio was 100% XLM, the turnover for the rebalance would be 200%. 

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