In order to start an automation, you must first create your automation strategy. In the screenshot below, you will see that a portfolio of assets has been picked and a strategy selected. 

Once we have completed the setup of our automation, click the "SAVE" button. This will ask you to select a name for the portfolio. You can pick any name that helps describe the portfolio. 

Once you have saved the portfolio, select the blue text at the top of the screen that says "Start Automation". You will see the following dialog box come up.

The above dialog will present the different portfolios that you can automate with this strategy. You can see that one of our portfolios already has an automation assigned to it called "SQR Index". That means we can either replace that automation with the new automation we created, or select the other portfolio to automate. You can also select multiple portfolios to automate with a single automation if you wish.

In this example, we will select the portfolio that is currently being automated by the "SQR Index". 

Once the portfolio has been selected, we can decide if we want to rebalance right away after clicking "Start" or if we want to wait until our next scheduled rebalance. The next scheduled rebalance would depend on the rebalancing settings you have defined for your automation.

Once you click "Start" the automation will be activated for the selected portfolio(s). 

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