When you first create your account, the "Automation" tab will have the following default state. 

In order to create your first automation, simply select the "Create Automation" button. This button will begin the process for you to create your first automation.

Once you get to this state, you will now need to "Add Assets" to your automation, select a strategy, and start the automation. 

After creating your first automation, the next automations will be created using the "+" button at the top right of the "Automation" tab. 

Clicking the "+" will create a new automation that is separate from each other automation. You can create an unlimited number of automations for your Shrimpy account, but you can only use one automation on one portfolio at a time. That means you cannot have two automations running on the same portfolio at the same time. If you want to use 2 automations at the same time, you must create two portfolios. 

In order to begin automating a portfolio, you do this by selecting the "Start Automation" on the "Automation" tab. All of the actions for starting and stopping automations are done with this button. 

Once you select that button, you will get a popup that displays the different portfolios you can automate with this strategy. You can either select a portfolio that is not currently being automated or you can select a portfolio that is already being automated. Either way, the automation will begin automating the funds that are in the selected portfolio. 

If you have any questions about how to start an automation, create a new automation, or manage your portfolios email us at [email protected].

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