There are times you may not want to build a new portfolio from scratch. In this instance, you may just want Shrimpy to use the current balances you have on the exchange to construct your portfolio. This is possible with the "Allocate from Balances" option.

When you first click to create a new automation using the "+" button, you will be presented with the above screen. This will include an empty page where you must select your assets and design your strategy. In the middle of the page, you can see the text that says "Allocate from Balances". Clicking this button will immediately populate your allocations to include the assets that you currently hold on the exchange. 

For example, when I clicked the button, you can see the assets that were populated into the allocations section. Each of these assets are assets I currently hold on the exchange. The percentage for each allocation is based on the percent of my portfolio that is currently being held by the asset right now. 

Once you have finished allocating your portfolio and setting up your strategy, don't forget to click "SAVE". Shrimpy will not automatically save for you.

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