This article will discuss how you can manage multiple crypto portfolios for a single exchange account. If you are looking to learn how to link multiple exchanges to Shrimpy, please refer to this help article here

You can also follow along in this video to learn more about creating multiple crypto portfolios with Shrimpy.


Multi-portfolio is a feature in Shrimpy that allows you to manage multiple portfolios for a single exchange account. That means if you currently only have 1 Binance exchange account linked, you can break that one exchange account into multiple portfolios and manage each one separately. 

Default Portfolio

By default, every exchange account you link will have a default portfolio. This is where the funds you deposit to your exchange account will show up, it will also be the place where we will initially remove funds when you take funds out of Shrimpy. 

You do not need to create multiple portfolios if you don't want. You can always use Shrimpy with a single portfolio. That one portfolio would be the default portfolio. 

Creating a second portfolio

At the top of the dashboard, you will see text that says "Manage Portfolios". Click this button to open the "Manage Portfolios" dialog. This is where you will create your portfolios and transfer funds between those portfolios.

Select the big button that says "+ Create Portfolio". This will create a new portfolio and label it by default (this name can be changed).

After clicking the "+ Create Portfolio" button, you will see the new portfolio populated in the dialog. It currently has $0. In order to fund this portfolio, we will need to transfer money into the account. Let's do this by clicking on "Portfolio 1" or "Portfolio 2".

If we click on "Portfolio 2", you will see the different assets that are in this portfolio. You can then select which assets and how much you want to transfer to the other portfolio. 

Once we have selected all of the funds we want to transfer, we can go ahead and click "Move Funds". Just make sure you have selected the correct portfolio to transfer the funds to in the dropdown next to "Transfer funds to". 

We can now close out of this dialog and start managing our individual portfolios. 

Display Views

There are two different display views for how you can see your portfolio. There is an aggregated and individual view. The aggregated view will combine all of your portfolios into a single view. The individual view will break up your portfolios into each individual portfolio and allow you to view them separately. 

Picking between these views is done at the top. You can see the two icons in the middle. These two allow you to select between the different views.

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