Pausing trading on your exchange account will mean no trades will be executed during the paused time. You won’t be able to trade for any reason, not even by pressing the “Rebalance Now” button. (Trading by directly logging into your exchange account and execution trades is of course still possible, but these trades won’t be executed by Shrimpy).

Note: If you have linked multiple exchange accounts to Shrimpy, each exchange account can be paused separately. Pausing on one exchange account does not affect other exchange accounts. 

Trading Enabled

Let’s take a quick look at where we can find the pause feature!

While trading is enabled, you will see your rebalancing settings in the rebalance “circle” icon. You can see in the account pictured in the screenshot above, this account is using a 15% threshold rebalancing strategy. 

When you select the drop-down, you will see how it now displays your current rebalancing setting as well as says “Trading is enabled”. 

If you wish to pause trading on this exchange account at any time, simply select the “PAUSE” button.

Trading Paused

Breaking down what it means to be “paused”.

When trading is paused, you will see the button has switched to the right side to highlight “RESUME”. When you are ready to resume, you can simply press this button to resume trading.

We also placed the pause icon in the rebalance “circle” icon to make sure you can see that trading on this exchange account is paused from anywhere in the application. 

The text also clarifies “Trading is paused. Select RESUME to continue trading.”

Additional Notes

  • You can pause trading on your exchange account at any time for any reason. Even if you are following a leader, you can pause trading to stop trading on your exchange account. 
  • If you are a leader, pausing your exchange account will not pause your followers exchange accounts. This feature is designed to be a personal way to pause trading on your account, so these actions do not get propagated to your followers. 
  • A missed rebalance that should have taken place during the paused period will occur once the exchange account has resumed trading. However, setting your rebalance period to “Never” or removing your threshold rebalancing setting during the paused time will still prevent your portfolio from rebalancing once resumed. 
  • Paused exchange accounts cannot press the “Rebalance Now” button. 

Full blog post can be found here.

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