The personal plans for the developer APIs are designed to provide a low cost option for developers who are looking to build personal projects.

At their core, this subscription plan will provide everything a developer needs to manage their own personal exchange accounts, execute trades, collect market data, and access websockets across every major exchange. 

However, this plan will not provide access to our historical data plans, managing multiple users, or more advanced trading options. 

The historical endpoints that cannot be used by subscribers to the "Personal Plan" are marked as "Historical" in the documentation. You can find the only endpoints that are off limits here:

Everything else is available for subscribers to the personal plans. 



The personal subscription plan includes:

  • 1 user account you can manage
  • Link up to 20 exchange accounts
  • 2M Hours (12M websocket data credits) per month of Real-Time Websockets
  •     Tick-by-Tick Trade Data Channel
  •     Orderbook Data Channel
  •     Best Bid/Ask Orders Channel
  • Shrimpy Executed Orders Channel
  • Trading
  •     Smart Market Orders
  •     Limit Orders
  • Live market data endpoints
  •     Real-Time Orderbook Data
  •     Market Ticker
  •     Live Charting Candlesticks
  • Strategy backtesting
  • Asset selection insights 


No access to OHLCV historical data endpoints

No access to historical trade data

No access to historical order book snapshots

Only 1 user

Restricted to linking 20 exchange accounts


If you have any questions about this subscription plan, please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss this plan in more detail.

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