Managing users isn't easy. Especially when each of those users wants to link multiple exchange accounts to their profile, collect data, execute trades, and stay synced the entire time.


This can become an immense burden on your development team and infrastructure. Simply put, it's a struggle to scale.

Shrimpy is specifically designed for applications who are looking to scale. Whether you support 1 highly active user or 1 million users, Shrimpy has features which make scaling a breeze. 

User API Keys

As your product scales, you won't need to constantly redesign your infrastructure. Shrimpy can communicate directly with each of your users when you create a user specific Shrimpy API key for them. That means the load isn't place on your servers. 

Users can access their data, execute trades, link exchange accounts, and more with their user API key. 

The above graphic illustrates the process for how a developer can create user API keys and allow users to directly communicate with Shrimpy.

Once you are ready to delete a user, you can remove users by using the "Removing a User" endpoint. This will remove the user from our system and will no longer charge you for that user.

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