The Shrimpy Developer APIs are designed to support an unlimited number of users. Each user is intended to be a 1-to-1 map to a real person who is using the service you are developing. Therefore, if you have 5,000 users in your application or service, you should have 5,000 users registered with the Shrimpy Developer APIs.

To provide a level of convenience for developers, our team has developed a system to automatically track which users are active and only charge you for the active users. 

Clarification: Shrimpy will only charge you the amount you have selected in your active user plan (in addition to any data plans you have selected). Shrimpy WILL NOT automatically upgrade your plan if you go over your usage. Changing plans is a manual process. 

Calculating Active Users

Active users are counted as the number of users which have so far been active since the start of this subscription period. A user is marked as active by Shrimpy when a request is made to collect data, execute trades, update exchange accounts, change rebalancing strategy, or any other request which is specific to an individual user. General requests to public endpoints, market data endpoints, asset insights, or websockets will not mark a user as active. 

Essentially, each month when your subscription renews, your number of active users resets to 0. Throughout the month, as users access data, execute trades, or interact with Shrimpy, they will be marked as active. When a user is marked as active, they are counted towards your total active user count. 

What this also means is if you accidentally create 1,000,000 users one month and get them all marked as active - DON'T WORRY! They will all be marked as inactive next month, so you don't need to change your plan. 

Developers cannot force users to become inactive in an instant. This can only be done with the monthly reset. However, developers can delete the user API keys and unlink exchange accounts from users to prevent them from making requests.

Note: Shrimpy only charges for users, not accounts. Each user can link multiple exchange accounts (at the time of writing, this is 20). Linking multiple exchange accounts does not cost extra. Even if they execute trades across multiple exchanges, it still counts as 1 user. 

Upgrading Your Plan

When the number of active users exceeds the maximum number of allowable users for your plan, you must increase your “Active User” subscription tier to one which is higher than your current active user count. This allows you to continue on boarding active users into your application or service without interruption of service.

Note: Shrimpy will not immediately shut off service for your users. Our system is designed to provide 2 weeks of leeway before taking any action. During this period, it is important that you upgrade your account. 

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