Insights provide a way for users to collect information on how popular or dominant an asset is in the market. These values are based on aggregated stats across all Shrimpy users. This provides a simple way to get an accurate representation of actual cryptocurrency portfolios. 

Asset Popularity

Asset popularity is the percent of portfolios which contain this given asset. If a user owns any percent of the specified asset, that will count as them 100% owning the asset. This means we are simply taking the number of users who own the asset (any amount of the asset) and dividing it by the total number of users in Shrimpy (those who own + those who don't own the asset).

Asset Dominance

Asset dominance is the average percent holding of a given asset in a users portfolio. What this means is if a user owns 50% BTC, they will count as a 50% weight for BTC. So, imagine we have two users, one with 75% BTC and one with 65% BTC. Taking the average of these two users means the average BTC holding for these two users is 70% BTC. Therefore the dominance for these two users is 70%.

Using this example, you can see how this calculation can be scaled to every user who manages their crypto portfolio through Shrimpy. 

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