Before you can start trading, it's important to know how much you own of each asset. 

The way you can collect this data from Shrimpy is by using the "Get Balance" endpoint in the Shrimpy Developer APIs. By simply passing in the user and exchange account, we will return to you a list of assets the user owns, the balance for those assets, and the latest USD and BTC value for those assets. 

In addition to getting the current balances for each asset, you can also retrieve the historical balance history. This history begins from the moment you connected the user to Shrimpy and will continue collecting data about the users exchange account as long as they are connected to Shrimpy

How we collect balance data

Asset balances are updated upon every trade or operation made by Shrimpy which would result in the changing of balances. If Shrimpy has not made any changes, trades, rebalances, or otherwise, then Shrimpy will update the balance information every 15 minutes. 

This means if you do an external deposit or withdrawal which was not executed through Shrimpy, it may take up to 15 minutes for Shrimpy to detect the change. For that reason, we encourage all users to minimize the frequency of balance changing events which are not executed through the Shrimpy developer APIs. 

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