The short answer is yes.

The Shrimpy Developer APIs support a number of different ways you can access live market data. The most popular of these options is the websockets. 

You can find the websocket documentation here:

Our APIs provide 4 different websocket channels you can subscribe to:

  • BBO - BBO provides the best bid and ask prices for each given pair. This option provides the least amount of data necessary to always maintain the best offers that are available on the order book. 
  • Order Book - This channel offers updates to the complete order book across the pairs for which you subscribe (up to 1,000 depth on each side). 
  • Trades - This channel provides the latest trades executed on an exchange. These are completed trades only.
  • Orders - This channel sends updates for when an order placed with the Shrimpy Developer APIs has been completed. This allows developers to know when an order they placed with Shrimpy has been filled without constantly pulling for updates.

Combined these websockets provide a robust foundation for accessing real-time data across every exchange we support.

Please note: If you are looking for rest APIs for real-time data, this is also available through Shrimpy. You can access ticker data, order books, and candles through simple API calls. 

Find more information here:

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