In contrast to excluding assets, there are times when you will want to include an asset. This allows for the selection of a range of assets, but also include assets in the index which may be of specific interest to you. They may be inside or outside the range of the index. Including an asset means no matter where this asset’s ranking lies, whether it drifts inside or outside the index range, and regardless of price changes, it will be included in the index.

An example of this feature in action would be if you wanted to create an index of the top 5, but you also wanted to include DOGE because it holds a special place in your heart. The index would look like the following: 

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3
  • Rank 4
  • Rank 5
  • DOGE

Notice: Rank 1 - 5 are included in the portfolio as well as DOGE. That means there are 6 total assets which will be added to the portfolio during portfolio allocation. 

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