Asset dominance is the average percentage of the asset which is held across all Shrimpy user portfolios. This includes both users who have 0% allocated to this asset as well as those who have 100% allocated to this asset. 

The value is calculated by summing up the percentage of every portfolio which is dedicated to this asset across every portfolio on the Shrimpy platform. Once summed up, the resulting value is divided by the total percentage allocated to all portfolios to come to the average portfolio value.

As an example, imagine Shrimpy only had 4 user portfolios created on the platform. If the 1st portfolio had 0% BTC, the 2nd portfolio had 25% BTC, the 3rd portfolio had 75% BTC, and the 4th portfolio had 20% BTC, the asset dominance would be (0% + 25% + 75% + 20%) / 4 = 30%.


The purpose of this value is to provide an understanding of how much weight this asset holds across every portfolio on Shrimpy. The higher the asset dominance, the higher the value that is placed into that specific asset. 

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