Shrimpy uses cryptocurrency exchange API keys in order to access your exchange accounts. This provides us the ability to collect data on the assets you own, make trades to automate your portfolio, and combine all of your exchange accounts into a single dashboard.

With Shrimpy, you can link an unlimited number of exchange accounts for free. After you link your first exchange accounts, the remaining accounts can be linked by going to the "Settings" tab.

The process for linking API keys is unique for each exchange. For your convenience, we've provided tutorials for how to connect keys to each exchange here


Shrimpy does not require permissions to withdrawal funds. This means your funds will always remain safe on the exchange. If you would like more information on the security precautions we take to ensure the security of your account, you can find a more detailed article on the topic here.


Every exchange offers a unique set of permissions that you can enable when creating your API keys. While we can't go into the differences between every exchange, there are a few key permissions that Shrimpy requires in order to function at its fullest potential. 


Balance data is the way we collect information about your assets on the exchange. This allows us to see how many of each asset you own, when you make trades, and more. Generally, Shrimpy requires access to all "balance" or "data" permissions.


Trading permissions are the way Shrimpy automates your portfolio. If you plan on using Shrimpy to make trades, we will need access to trading permissions. 

An important thing to note is Shrimpy always uses limit orders to execute trades. This means we don't currently ever execute market orders. Although this is the case, it might be desired to allow Shrimpy permission to all trading permissions.


Withdrawal permissions should never be enabled. Shrimpy does not currently offer any features which tack advantage of the withdrawal permission, so it should be left disabled.

If you have absolutely any questions about Shrimpy, how to link API keys, or why we need these keys, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you in Shrimpy!

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