Throughout this article, we will discuss the possible issues that can arise with your exchange API keys and how we can resolve those issues.

Incorrect API Key Permissions

The first thing to check when trying to debug potential exchange API key issues is to ensure the correct permissions have been enabled for your API keys. In general, Shrimpy requires all "Balance" data access and "Trading" access. Since every exchange is different, we've created individual guides for each exchange we support to discuss the API Key linking process. 

These can be found in the "Tutorials" section of our Help Center here:

You will find a tutorial for each exchange. Select the exchange you are experiencing issues and closely check the settings to make sure the settings on your API keys match the guide.

The Exchange Deleted Your Keys

Although this is rare, there have been instances when exchanges have removed API keys. This usually takes place during drastic changes to the exchange or security breaches. When one of these events happen, you will need to create brand new API keys by logging into your exchange account and following the tutorial which is relevant for your exchange. 

The tutorials for generating and linking exchange API keys to Shrimpy can be found in our Help Center here:

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