So, you've linked an exchange account, but data is not populating your dashboard. The result is a message that looks like the following page.

When this happens, please check the following things.

Trading Accounts

Some exchanges have trading accounts. Shrimpy will only display the data which is available in the trading account. This means you will first need to transfer funds from your main account into your trading account so Shrimpy can pick up your balances on the exchange.

Once you have moved the funds from your main account into your trading account, it can take up to 15 minutes for Shrimpy to register the change and start populating your data. 

KuCoin is an example of one exchange which have separate trading and main accounts. Please keep this in mind when linking your KuCoin account to Shrimpy.

No Funds in Exchange

Due to the way some exchanges report the balance of your account, we may display this message at times if you have no funds in your exchange account. This is common on exchanges like Coinbase Pro.

If you don't have any funds in your exchange account, deposit funds into the exchange account and wait at least 15 minutes. At that time, you should see the balances start to populate your dashboard. 

Exchange Portfolios / Sub-accounts

Some exchanges have started adding features for sub-accounts or portfolios. This allows users to separate their funds into multiple segments that can each be manage separately. Shrimpy does not support these exchange features. We do have our own multi-portfolio feature, but that is completely separate from the exchange. 

If you take advantage of these features, please be aware that Shrimpy will only be able to access the data in the "Default" or "Master" account. 

For example, on Coinbase Pro, customers can create multiple portfolios and move funds between these portfolios. Shrimpy will not be able to see the funds in any portfolio except the "Default" portfolio.

API Key Settings

Another way this issue can arise is if you have not enabled the appropriate settings on your API keys. Shrimpy needs access to be able to read balance data from your exchange account. If this is disabled, we will not be able to access your data. Please navigate in our help center here to find the article for how to link the exchange account of your choice. In each of those individual help articles, we discuss the settings which must be enabled on the API key.

Generally, you should enable access to all data and trading permissions. 

Contact the Shrimpy Team

If neither of these potential options are the issue, please contact the Shrimpy team at [email protected] and we will help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

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