IP Whitelisting is a feature which exchanges use to restrict access to your cryptocurrency exchange account. Setting up IP Whitelists means the exchange will only accept requests when they are sent from the specific IPs that are input into the exchange. This prevents unauthorized access to your exchange account from any other IP.

Shrimpy allows IP Whitelisting by ensuring we will only communicate with your exchange account from the IPs we provide you. This way, we can still perform trades, collect data from your account, and rebalance your portfolio, but only from the specified IPs. 

How to set up IP whitelisting for your account

First, navigate to your Shrimpy settings. Under "General" => "Security" you will find a button labeled "Generate IPs". It should look like the following:

This button will generate multiple IPs. These IPs should be copied so they can be entered into the exchange where you will whitelist Shrimpy for access to your API keys.

Warning: You must copy and enter ALL of the API keys we provide into your exchange account. Copying only some of these keys will result in failures.

We can see in the following picture. The "Trusted IPs" on this exchange should be entered by separating each IP with a comma. 

Once you have entered all of the IPs into your exchange account, Shrimpy will now be set up to fully take advantage of IP whitelisting.

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