The Shrimpy application provides premium users the ability to allocate and follow social leaders. Once a leader is being followed, automatic updates will be brought from the leaders portfolio into your own portfolio.

In order to begin following a leader, there are a few steps that need to be taken. The first step is to upgrade your account to a premium Shrimpy account to gain access to the social leaders.

Next, navigate to the social tab in the Shrimpy application. You will see a number of cards that display the performance and small description of each leader's portfolio. 

On this tab, you can select a leader you would like to learn more about. 

Selecting a user opens their personal portfolio with more details. On each leader profile page, you can view their profile, chat, and browse their history. If you like a user's portfolio, you can either copy their allocations or activate the leader. Copying the portfolio of a leader will make a copy of their portfolio in your "Portfolio" tab. "Activating" a user will immediately activate this users portfolio and continue adjusting your portfolio whenever the leader makes a change. In this tutorial, let's assume we will "ACTIVATE" this user. 

Once you select to activate the leader, you will be prompted to confirm that you would like to immediately allocate their portfolio and begin following them for all future changes.

Once activated, the button will turn green to signify you are now following the leader.

You are now following your first leader! The leader card will be added to your "Portfolio" tab for quick access. If you ever wish to unfollow the leader, simply select "ACTIVATE" on another leader, or "ACTIVATE" a custom portfolio of your own design through the "PORTFOLIO" tab.

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