Becoming a leader in the Shrimpy social program is free and easy. After you have connected an exchange account, you are only a few clicks away from becoming a leader. Once you are a leader, you can start earning money for every follower you maintain. In the following images, the important areas will be highlighted with a pink box.

Step 1

After having allocations defined in the "Allocations" tab, you can now sign up for being a social leader. First, visit the social tab, then click on the "MY PROFILE" button on the top right of the tab.

Step 2

This is the social profile page. You can become a leader by simply checking the box for "I am a leader". Before saving, you must also select a name that has not been picked before by any other user. We also encourage you to provide a detailed description of your portfolio, strategy, or any personal philosophies you will be using to manage your assets.
Note: You cannot have the same name on multiple exchanges. If you have linked multiple exchange accounts and want to become a leader on multiple accounts, you cannot select the same name on both exchanges. 

Step 3

You are now a leader! You can see in the top right corner a button which tells you how many followers you currently have following you. (it may not look like a button, but it is) If you click this button, it will take you to your personal chat and history.

Step 4

This page is your current allocations, stats, and additional information that your followers will see when they look at your profile. You can also see your chat by clicking on the "Chat" icon in the very top header where you can also see your notifications. 

Step 5

Don't forget to communicate with your followers. Get feedback from them, keep them up to date on any changes to your portfolio, and build trust by keeping an open line of contact. Share your public portfolio at any time by using the link in the profile popup. 

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