Setting up your first cryptocurrency portfolio is complicated. It takes time and effort to build the knowledge necessary to successfully take advantage of this emerging market. This article will walk you through a 3 step process to get you into crypto for the first time and help you set up a diverse portfolio!

1. Binance

Sign up for a free Binance account.

Select “Funds” on the Navigation Bar → Select “Balances” → Select Deposit on the asset you want to own. This will show a “Deposit Address”. Copy this address so you can use it in the next step.

Binance - Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange

2. Changelly

Go to Changelly. Select the asset you own. This will be USD for a first time crypto investor.

Then select the asset for which you copied the “Deposit Address” in the previous step.

Follow the steps on Changelly to input your credit card information and the deposit address to complete the purchase. This will send the cryptocurrency you just purchased directly to your Binance exchange account.

Changelly | Exchange BTC to ETH at the lowest rate within minutes

3. Shrimpy

Register with Shrimpy for free.

Once logged in, connect your Binance exchange API keys to the Shrimpy application. This process was previously detailed here (note, the design has changed, but the process is the same):

How to Connect Shrimpy to Binance [Pictures]

Now, visit the “Allocations” tab. This is where you can select the assets you would like to own and specify the percent of each asset you wish to own.

You are now set up!

You have successfully created your first cryptocurrency portfolio. In order to deposit more funds, simply revisit the “Changelly” link above and repeat the deposit process.

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