Shrimpy allows you to select any asset from any exchange. This means there is no limit to which assets you can include in your portfolio. 

Shrimpy supports a number of different options when it comes to constructing your portfolio as well. You can freely customize your portfolio by selecting the assets that you would like to hold in your portfolio. You can change these allocations at any time by simply selecting new assets and saving your portfolio.

If you would like more automation for your portfolio. We encourage you to try our indexing tool. This tool is the most powerful indexing feature in the industry. All you need to do is input the number of assets you would like to hold in your portfolio, select a minimum and maximum percent allocation, and let Shrimpy automate your investing strategy. 

We also don't have any limit on the number of assets you can include in your portfolio. Whether you want to have 2 or 200 assets in your portfolio, Shrimpy provides features that are critical for long-term portfolio management.

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